Arlie Rahn

Lead Designer

Arlie Rahn is a 1999 graduate of the University of Arizona where he earned a BS in Software Engineering. A native of Peoria, Illinois, Arlie served as a reporter for the Arizona Daily Wildcat, and covered the Wildcats national basketball championship run in 1997. He designed the critically-acclaimed basketball simulation Coaching a Dynasty, and has been featured as an expert resource on college basketball in both radio and the print media. Arlie lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

In your opinion, what makes a good computer game?

The ability to engross the user into wanting to forgo sleep, food and even human contact to instead find out if his/her prized third round prospect ends up leading the league in rushing.

What one impression do you want customers of Grey Dog Software to take away after playing one of its games?

I would like customers to feel that the hours they invested into playing our products were time well spent.

What does Grey Dog Software offer its customers that other gaming companies do not?

I think we offer our fans the chance to actually impact and shape the final product through their feedback.

What is your typical day like at Grey Dog Software?

Coding, look at forums, coding, eat some junk food, coding, play a little soccer or hoops and finally code a little more.

How many hours per week do you play computer or console games?

I try to play other games at least one hour a day. I think it keeps me in-tune with the player side of games as I develop.

What game do you or did you play so much that your wife/girlfriend had to send out a search party?

Outside of the games I developed (with which I logged more hours than I care to count), I would probably say the original Baseball Mogul. It was the first true sports sim I ever played and I think it?s safe to say I got my money?s worth.

If you were a food, what would you be?

A spicy enchilada. Because if someone ate me, I would ultimately have the final revenge.

If you won $200 Million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with all your winnings?

Invest and live off the interest.

Boxers or briefs?


Blondes, brunettes or redheads?

All the above.