Bowl Bound College Football

Tired of your alma mater never getting to a bowl? Think a coach is past his prime? Or just tired of your team not getting the elite recruits? Then grab your playbook and prepare to challenge your football knowledge in Bowl Bound College Football. Critically acclaimed sports sim developer Arlie Rahn, lead developer of Total Pro Football, Tournament Dreams College Basketball, and Coaching a Dynasty takes college football fans to the next level with professionally detailed game play, an in-depth recruiting process, an intuitive, streamlined interface, and the most thorough AI to meet sport management sims.

Bowl Bound College Football is is currently $19.95 and is available
for download via FastSpring. If you currently own the ELicense version
and need to download the game again, use the Elicense Download button to
the right. If you would prefer to try out our game first, you can download the free Demo. If you have any questions about Bowl Bound College Football we’ll be happy to assist you on our Website Forums.

Basic Features


Specialize in six distinct college offenses and seven college defenses. Choose from 15 college-based offensive formations and 10 defensive formations using a customizable playbook that can incorporate over 350 offensive and defensive plays.

Accurate simulation engine and streamlined gameplan that makes use of your playbook preferences. Detailed play-by-play results that provide the actual play call, formations and specific results for better team management.

In-depth recruiting process – go after high school stars and JC transfers. But be ready for your stars to leave early for the NFL too!

Scout recruits to get information on their personal preferences, potential ability and offensive fit. You also need to make sure they qualify academically.

Full college budget involving college and recruit scouting, conditioning, assistant coaches, academics and other main priorities. Make sure to get results within your budget or you may be looking for another job!

Online league management options and full historical archive that tracks all players, team performance and career leaders over time. Can you make the Bowl Championship Series and setup a dynasty before your opponents?



Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98/ME
CPU: Pentium II (or equivelant) 800mhz or higher
Memory: 128MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 75MB for install, additional space for saved games
Video System: 1024×768 display capable of running 16-bit color of higher

Optimal System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000 or XP
CPU: Pentium III class (or equivelant) 2GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
Video System: 1024×768 display capable of running 32-bit color mode

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